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B2 - Fantasy Şarkı Sözü
Albüm: B2k
usually known for makin the girls shake
crying stuff you have a real heartbreak
Mature at 15 with figure 7 to 8
Girls wishing i was they man to floss me on dates
Letting B2K in the game ya'll make a mistake
it's a lock out
all you other groups must wait
Take it how I give it
Give it how i take it
Me Above you and don't you ever mistake it

There she was
walking by looking
so fine, she had me trippinShe looking at me as say what's the deal baby
Come and holla at me
adime piece yes
is what she was
She passed my test
with just one look
she was the kinda girl that I really really want
to be down on my team

there's this girl around my way
i dream about her everyday
i wish that she could be with me
cause she's my chocolate fantasy
she's the hottest thing in school
so i gotta play it cool
i wish that she could be with me
she's my chocoalte fantasy

There she goes
again i just keep seeing her reappearing
and now she's at the club
Dancin' on the floor
lookin' right at me
She knows what's up
Knows what she's doing
She knows she's hot
got me putsuing
Cause she's the kind of girl that i really want
to be sown on my team

She got the shake it shake it
and the wobble wobble
she knows I'm looking cause she know she's hot
That girl to me is my fantasy
It's hard to wait wait cause i know she's gonna
Be everything that i ever wanted
She's so hot she's so hot

oh she is so irresistible
i lose control
this girl she is so special
girl put me on

You's a PYT
A little vibrant thang
The Way you swich them hips baby work that thang
I'm going all out
Let you shop till you fall out
I'm a balla
So that means i never foul out
I'm sayinI know you really wanna Roll with me
Wanna be with me
Stay the Night with with me
You can chill with me at the movies
Here's my number baby girl won't you holla at me
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