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Antagonist - Angels Şarkı Sözü
Albüm: World In Decline
This place of plastic
Where the fakes are so real
This toxic wasteland
Where the real is unreal
The dirt, poverty, and loneliness
Where the movies come true
Thinly shrouded by the extravagance
Of the privileged few, haughty elitists
We'll never be like them
We'll simply rise against
We're the struggling masses
Where we come from is how we will live
Beauty in chaos, not the Hollywood bullshit
Where we come from is how we survive
It's in our blood, don't you ever forget it
A concrete jungle where we rest our heads
In the midst of the madness
This is where we live
And this is where we'll die
Our birthplace, our burial site
This is where we'll die
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