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Eminem - Till I Collapse (Remix) (ft. 50 Cent) Şarkı Sözü
Albüm: The Eminem Show
(50 cent)


50 Cents, Shady, Aftermath

The dreamteam

We got to get the get well cards

niggas is sick

Feel this

Motion picture shit

[Bölüm 1]

Now don't think I won't hit you because I'm popular, I got p 90 rugger to pop at ya, catch you

slipping I'm give you what I got for ya, my clip loaded for 16 shots for ya, ever had a hot gun

on ya waste and blood on your shoe because the nigga went and said the wrong shit to you, homie

you ain't been threw what I been threw you not like me and I'm not like you.

[Bölüm 2]

I'm like an animal wit it when I spit it's crazy, got semi-autos to put holes in niggas try to play me,

One shot is not enough you need at least an uzi to move me, after four bottles of don

the kid start to feeling woozy, I write my life you write what you see in gangsta movies, I'm

gangsta to the core nigga you can't move me, I find my space at the top I got this rap shit

lock, I never heard of you but yo heard of me I murder you, I spit shells at your convertible

lotis you notice I put hollowtips all through your door you not prepared for me the kid is back

50 cents I know you like that yeah i know you like that


till the roof comes off, till the lights go out
till my legs give out, can't shit my mouth
till the smoke clears out, and my high wear out
i'ma rip this shit, till my bone collapse.(x2)


Sonnas a verse starts i eat it at an MC's heart,
what is he thinkin' how not to go against me smart
and it's absourd how people hang on every word
i probably never get the props i feel i ever deserve
bu i'll never be served, my spot is forever reserved
if i ever leave eart, that would be the death of me first
cuz in my heart of hearts i know nothing can ever be worse
that's why i am clever when i put together every verse
my thoughts are sporadic, i act like i'm an addict
i rap like i'm addicted to smack like i'm kim mathers
but i don't want to go forth and back in constand battles
the fact is i would rather, sit back and bomb some rappers
so this is like a full blown attack i'm launching at'em
the track is on some battling raps who wants some static
cuz i don't really think that the fact that i'm slim mathers
A plaque of platinum status is whack if i'm not the baddest
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