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Şifremi Unuttum?
Britney Spears - Only One Too Şarkı Sözü
Albüm: Goodbye Alice In Wonderland
I am talking but you can't quite hear what I say
I come closer
But you push me away
I should leave
But I don't have the strength
I can't think

Please can't you see that I am down on my knees
My heart's in you hand
And you squeeze
I want the whole thing
But you give me a part
It's time to start
So I push and you pull
And I don't know which way to go

Stop Me, Stop me from falling
Cause I can see
Then I'll love you only
When I am the only one, too

I just can't make you understand
I want your heart but you hold up your hand
You say space is what you need
But you want me
To be true
To just you
While you get to do whatever you want to


You'll never stop
It's gotta change
You don't want a lover
You want a world of slaves
I can't resist falling into those arms
Those boyish charms
You think I won't leave
Yes you're good, but not so good I can't see

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